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January 2015
01. January - 30. December The museum is fascinating! Tartu
20. January - 20. December The productions of Sõltumatu Tantsu Ühendus in Tartu in 2015 Tartu
February 2015
14. February - 30. November Concert Series “To the listener" Tartu
August 2015
03.-08. August Tartu Love Film Festival TARTUFF Tartu

Love and different sides of it are the main topic of the film festival. But this is by no means something oversentimental: people with complicated fates try to find Eros, also from the darkest corners. There are newer and older films in the programme and also classics.

08. August 9th Kalevipoeg Fish & Water Festival Tiheda küla, Kasepää

This fair does a roaring trade in local farm and garden produce, with onions, cucumber and fish enough for all. There are renowned handicraft masters and entertainers in attendance, plus trampolines for the kids and other attractions.

12.-15. August City Festival UIT Tartu

UIT is an interdisciplinary festival that discovers Tartu with the help of environmentally sensitive art. Symbolic places and suburbia of Tartu are viewed through a novel angle; as a surprise, we are hoping to include citizens who usually do not visit galleries. The festival wants to offer artistic experiences to all citizens, and we think that this can only be done in a public room, in the veins of the city, or the no-man's-land. An important aspect is also the audience friendly nature of installations and performances that are planned for the city space – we want to offer shows to the public that would speak to a very small audience only.

14.-15. August Estonian Hip-Hop Festival Uderna küla, Tartumaa Tervisespordikeskus

Every year, Estonian Hip-Hop Festival for hip-hop fans takes place near Elva. The two-day event includes music, a basketball tournament and various competitions. Every year, there is a break dance competition and a free mic session.

14.-16. August Valga Military History Festival Valga

The Valga Military History Festival has a unique programme: from introducing the authorities, military marches and re-enactments of famous battles to special exhibitions, antiquities fair and a range of concerts. Military history clubs from other countries will also be taking part. There will be something for everyone at the festival. Come with your family and friends!

15. August Tartu Music Week Tartu

Tartu Music Week is an annual festival of new popular music which fills the public spaces of the university town with free concerts. The culmination of the festival is a club night where local and foreign artists perform on several stages.

21.-23. August 'A Greener Life ' - Ecofestival Põlva

This festival encourages people to adopt environmentally friendly ways of life. There are seminars, workshops, nature trips and a family day with markets for  homemade produce, as well as an entertainment programme.

22.-23. August Lüübnitsa Onion & Fish Fair Lüübnitsa

In the Seto region, the summer catch and crops - fish and vegetables - are ready to be sold. Onion and garlic take centre stage. Visitors can buy handicrafts and take part in food and photo competitions. Children can find out how men carve wood and what it's like being a blacksmith's apprentice.

22. August Free Nation’s Song Tartu

The Free Nation’s Song is a traditional annual open air concert dedicated to the re-independent Republic of Estonia. In 2015, it takes place in Tartu for the first time. This time, the songs of Jaak Joala and Georg Ots will be performed together with well-known artists. Rene Soom, Alen Veziko, Koit Toome, the young winners of the Saaremaa Laululind Singing Competition Oliver Leppik and Lisette Lemba etc. will sing with us. The singing concert host is Ivo Linna.

23. August SEB Tartu Inline skating, 42/21/10 km Tartu

The Tartu Inline Skating Marathon has become the biggest competition of its kind in Eastern Europe. The excellent course, leading competitors from Tartu city limits 21.1 km towards Narva and back again, attracts both local racers and those from neighbouring countries and further afield. Whereas many rollerbalding competitions are designed for 'professionals', the Tartu marathon is open to everyone, including the most inexperienced amateurs. The advantages the race enjoys are its spacious, high-quality course, excellent sponsors and first-class service on the track. There is plenty for the little ones to do, too - so there's no reason for any member of the family to miss out on the fun!

31. August - 06. September Theatre Festival Draama Tartu

Estonian Theatre Festival Draama is a curated festival; its main programme is prepared by writer Tõnu Õnnepalu and an artistic council. In addition to the main programme that is compiled by the curator, the festival also has a versatile side programme that includes children's productions, dance performances, discussions, exhibitions, music events, etc. In addition, the main event in the Estonian dramaturgical life is attended by several international critics and observers.

September 2015
18.-20. September Japanese Pop-Culture Festival AniMatsuri Tartu

AniMatsuri is a Japanese pop-culture festival held for the ninth time and intended mainly for youngsters. Interesting lectures, exciting competitions, workshops, martial arts demonstrations and much more will take place. The main attraction is the cosplay contest taking place on the second day. The winner of one of the categories will fly to London for the European championship. In addition, many exciting events will take place during September. 

19. September 16th Suur Paunvere Exhibition and Fair Palamuse alevik, Palamuse

his fair has everything to offer, from food and plants to handicrafts and clothes. There is a cultural programme on the main stage and a variety of activities for children. Those wishing to can visit Palamuse Museum as well as its church and pharmacy.

20. September SEB Tartu Cycling Marathon (MTB marathon, 89/40 km) Otepää

The third largest mountain bike marathon in the world offers positive emotions to many different age groups and cyclists. A total of approximately 7500 cyclist will participate in the marathon. The 89 and 40 km main events take the participants away from the hustle and bustle of the city, to the diverse nature trails of Southern Estonia. Off-road cycling also awaits the youngest members of the family.

20.-25. September Researchers’ Night Festival Tartu

 Researcher’s Night Festival TÖF is a festival with a colourful programme for the whole family that opens the door to the world of science and values knowledge. In 2015, TÖF will already celebrate its 10th anniversary. We will investigate topics related to maintaining health and healing illnesses. Therefore, the newest achievements in treatments will be discussed this time, those who are interested will be taken to discover secret laboratories, the elite of medical science will be asked to introduce their work and it is possible to take part in numerous free workshops, Science Theatre viewings, movie nights and experiments. 

26.-27. September Festival of Archaic Creation REGIÖÖ Tartu

The theme of this year’s Regiöö festival is ‘Land of wonders’, taking in both those of the world of folk lore and those of different peoples and different countries. People have passed on their traditions from generation to generation through folk songs and poetry. Masters of music, song, dance and handicraft from Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, the Scandinavian countries, Poland and Russia will be giving their own interpretations – ancient and modern alike – at this year’s festival.

October 2015
02.-04. October International Author's Song Festival “Fall of the Leaf Music” Tartu

 International author’s song festival is a real treat for the listeners and performers of the author’s song genre. The festival holds a solid place among similar festivals of the world. Well-known and talented bards with a long and successful career in the genre, perform at the “Fall of the Leaf Music” (“Lehesaju Muusika”) festival. Performers from faraway countries and different places of the world come to the festival.

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