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May 2016
04.-07. May Prima Vista 2016 Tartu

At the 13th Tartu International Literature Festival visitors may visit the already-traditional book fair and the Park Library, enjoy a concert by singing writers, and meet other bright writers.

05. May 35th Race Around Lake Tamula Võru
05.-07. May Mailaul (May Song) – Tartu international singer-songwriters festival Tartu

The May Song (Mailaul) is a festival for young-spirited members of the public who value their own culture, who would like to think along the same lines as the singing author and feel what they are feeling. The Mailaul is spread throughout the summer concerts and into the ‘Tornimuusika’, the autumn festival and winter-time author’s concerts.

05.-26. May Seto Lace Days Värska, Põlva County

The products of the 23rd Seto Lace contest are on display and the “Üte talo naputüü” (‘Needlework by One Farm’) exhibition will be opened. Using workshops and exhibitions, the main techniques that are exhibited in Seto needlework traditions will be presented to the public, with training being provided so that anyone interested will be able to use these skills in contemporary needlework.

07. May Fashion-Performance-Dance – a series of fashion shows Tartu

This traditional project which was initiated by the students of Tartu Art College’s textile department is not just a fashion show but an attractive stage play, one in which fashion, dance, video, cinematic elements and music are irreplaceable components.

08. May 34th Tartu Cross-Country Run (Tartu Jooksumaraton) Otepää/Tartu County


The most popular cross-country run in the Baltics. Every year 4000 runners come to enjoy the fabulous Estonian spring on the 23km track between Otepää and Elva. 

14. May Night of Museums Southern Estonian counties

Once a year, on a Saturday evening in May, museums and other memory-related places open their doors a little bit later than usual and free of charge, in order to be able to mark the all-European Museum Night.

19.-21. May Indiefest Tartu

The Indiefest delivers local and foreign alternative music to the public and more broadly presents independent culture. During the daytime, the public are welcome to attend debates with interesting guests. At night, thematic films and concerts take place.

21. May 4th Jõgeva Cycling Race (Jõgeva Rattaralli) Jõgeva


The start of the cycling race will be given in the Jõgeva city centre. The route follows scenic countryside roads of Jõgeva county with many slopes and beautiful views. Alongside the main race a short distance race (50,5 km) and kids bicycle race are also held.  

21. May International Antiques and Handicrafts Fair Valga
27.-28. May Tour of Estonia


Tour of Estonia is an international cycling race for professional cyclists, starting in Tallinn and finishing in Tartu, which takes the participants and spectators to several beautiful and interesting locations in Estonia. The race is in the competition calendar of the UCI. 

27.-28. May Võrtsjärve Suvefest (SummerFest) 2016 Ulge recreation area, Viljandi County

Come and take part in the biggest beginning-of-summer festival in Estonia!

28. May Uma Pido Põlva Intsikurmu song festival grounds, Põlva County

Uma Pido is a song and folk party in the Võro dialect. You will find a handicraft market, performances on the free stage, and a runic song workshop. The party’s repertoire includes well-known folk songs, runic songs, and music work that has been especially composed for the Uma Pido event.

28. May Valgamaa dance festival (Valgamaa tantsupidu) Valga, Valgamaa
29. May 35th Tartu Rattaralli (Road Cycling Race Tartu

This is the biggest road cycling race in Eastern Europe, one in which both professional road cyclists as well as amateur cyclists of any age can participate, whether they are from Estonia or further afield. Tartu Rattaralli children’s races have become the biggest cycling event in the world for children.

29. May Suviste Handicraft and Farm Products Market Värska, Põlva County

The keywords of this market are handicrafts, farm products, food from Seto, plants, and cultural programme. This is an excellent opportunity to acquaint yourself with Seto handicrafts and local entrepreneurs, as well as being able to listen to and watch Setoleelo-chant choirs, folk dancers, and musicians. The event is scheduled for a 9.00am start.

June 2016
03.-05. June Otepää Running Tour Otepää


The goal of the marathon spanning three days is to promote healthy and active lifestyles, cross-country running, and to intro- duce people to the beautiful scenery of Otepää. 

04.-05. June Hanseatic Days in Viljandi Viljandi

Viljandi is an ancient town full of youthful vigour. If today Viljandi can be called the export capital of Estonia due to the numerous innovative companies located here, then in the Middle Ages, the city was the centre of activity due to the trade route that passed through the city. Viljandi Hanseatic Days take place annually in order to commemorate the golden age of Viljandi. In early summer, this small town gives itself over to medieval customs and looks back on how the membership of the Hanseatic League brought riches and bold ideas to the town over the course of time. Viljandi is still a member of the Hanseatic League.

04. June IV Mulgi Fair Paistu
04.-05. June Blues Festival "Emajõe Bluus 2016" Tartu

The festival "Emajõe Bluus" takes place for the fifth time. In these years, it has grown into a remarkable music event, belonging to the top 5 of Baltic blues festivals.Up to 20 bands will perform – 10 on both days. The artists will come from all over the Baltic countries, Poland and Finland. The programme also includes workshops, exhibitions and night jam on both days.Warm-up concerts, organised by Tartu Blues Club, take place in Tartu’s pubs. There will also be music in the streets and open-air cafés.

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