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May 2014
03. May - 02. November It's Flooding! Tartu

The spectacular exhibition called "It's Flooding!", prepared jointly by the Science Centre AHHAA and the Seaplane Harbour, provides a fascinating overview of the largest water catastrophes and physical phenomena associated with them. At the exhibition, we will sink and rescue ships and people. We will also explore the reasons behind the catastrophes and the lessons to be learned from history. Shipping, physics of water and catastrophes - it is flooding in here!

July 2014
14.-28. July 28th Pärnu International Documentary and Anthropology Film Festival Pärnu and other places in Estonia
24.-27. July XXII Viljandi Folk Music Festival Viljandi

The theme of XXII Viljandi Folk Music Festival is “Play”

Playing has been in our blood since the dawn of time and attempts to prohibit it by force have never been successful. Playing often forms such an ordinary part of our everyday lives that it is hard to distinguish where it ends and reality starts. Entertainment, for example, is both a game and an inherent part of life. Let us remind ourselves of our primary necessities – panem et circenses, bread and circus!

The folk music festival is also a game with its tens of thousands of participants who all take on a role of sorts. Some dress up, others download a Jew’s harp app on their phone for the weekend or try to hitchhike to Viljandi for the first time in years even though there is no pressing need for such an alternative means of transportation anymore…

27. July Traffic-themed family day and birthday of the Estonian Roads Museum Varbuse, Põlva County

The Estonian Roads Museum is just about to turn 14! Its big summer birthday bash will have something for everyone. The theme of the special family day will be the birth, evolution and development of public transport in Estonia.

31. July - 02. August Rock Ramp 2014 Viljandi

Rock festival

31. July - 03. August XXIII Jõgevatreff Kuremaa, Jõgeva County

International motorcycle meeting since 1992

August 2014
01. August Päätnitsapäev Saatse, Põlvamaa

Päätnits, the feast day of the martyr Paraskevi of Rome, is a top event of the year for many people in Saatse, a time when all the people in this corner of Seto country come together. The day starts with worship service in St. Paraskeva Orthodox Church, which is over 200 years old and where the wooden icon venerating the martyr can be found; it is under protection as a work of art. After the service, family members have a graveside picnic with the departed loved ones, an old Seto tradition. Päätnitsapäev is also a Saatse village fete day, with singing and dancing. Village fete starts about 14.00. We ask visitors to come in small groups and respect the local customs.

01.-02. August Intsikurmu Music Festival Põlva

Intsikurmu Music Festival hatched out from the Uue Ajastu Festival (UAF), that took place in 2010 – 2012 in Põlva. UAF was visited by more than 6000 people during those three years and more then 60 bands performed there making it the biggest music festival in South–Estonia. The experience gained from organizing the festival and good collaboration with international organizations created the ground for Intsikurmu Music Festival in 2013.

01.-03. August TriSmile Triathlon Otepää

The TriSmile Otepää Triathlon 2014 is made up of a number of smaller individual competitions - the charity SmileRun, the TriSmile 11.1, the A. Le Coq 33.3, the Energy Night and the TriSmile 111. Each night comes to an end in the festival's official night club, Comeback. Don't miss this opportunity to take part in the country's biggest triathlon competition, featuring some of the leading triathletes from Estonia and around the world!

01.-03. August Alatskivi Manor's Days Alatskivi, Tartu County
02. August 21st Seto Kingdom Day Mikitamäe, Põlvamaa

On this important day, the people of Setomaa decide who will be the ülemsootska – the earthly representative of mythical King Peko. The Kingdom will be held in its usual pomp and circumstance and the usual rhythms. The Seto anthem will be sung, the people will pick its most masterful artisans, wordsmiths will take the stage in competitive verse improvisations, dancers will also strut their stuff, Seto food and crafts will be enjoyed, and the “Seto military” will be on display. In the evening, visitors are invited to the kirmask – a Seto party with music, leelo and dancing. Starts at 12:00.

04.-09. August Tartu Love Film Festival tARTuFF Tartu

During the five festival days the guests can enjoy films on the big screen that is set up especially for the occasion on the Town Hall Square (Raekoja Plats). In addition, documentaries are shown in the KinoEkraan. The film programme is supported by the lectures during the day.  The evenings in the Paulig coffee tent are filled with various wonderful concerts that have become very popular with tARTuFF audiences.

06.-10. August Tõrva Fire Days Tõrva, Valgamaa

The culture week includes the nature festival "Leave a Single Forest", Tõrva Town Days and "Tõrva Spell" - the summer's biggest fire, water and music spectacle.

07.-10. August Tartu Music Week Tartu

Tartu Music Week is an annual festival of new popular music which fills the public spaces of university town with free concerts. The culmination of the festival is a club night where local and foreign artists perform on several stages.

07.-10. August Smoke Sauna Week in Haanja Haanja Parish, Võru County
08.-09. August Leigo Lake Music Festival Palupera Parish, Valga County

The Leigo Lake Music Festival is a perfect example of how to bring together nature and music to create unique and truly memorable experiences. Concerts on a variety of stages showcase music from classical to rock, with the summer's evening culminating in a Leigo-style display of fireworks - both traditional and of the floating tea light variety. The performances and the venue both add to one another to create something very special.

08.-10. August Klaperjaht Jaanikese, Valga County

The event takes place in Valga at „Jaanikese Motokeskus". If there is something that has not changed throughout the competition, then we should mention the hilly landscape of South-Estonia and the overflowing amount of adrenaline coming from the off-road vehicles and their drivers.

09. August 10th Kalevipoeg Fish and Water Festival Kasepää, Jõgeva County

Annual Kalevipoeg Fish and Water Festival held in Kasepää. A day filled with culture.

14.-16. August Urban Festival UIT Tartu

„UIT“ („Wandering“) is a festival, which explores the urban space of tartu through performances, installations and concerts.

15.-16. August Emajõgi River Festival Tartu

The focal point of the festival is the most essential natural symbol of Tartu – River Emajõgi. Several competitions are arranged around it. Events take place on the river and it`s banks with lots of good music.

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