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April 2014
11.-20. April 8th Japanese Animation Film Festival Tartu
18.-27. April Jazzkaar 2014 All over Estonia

By way of an interesting and distinctive program and bold solutions, Jazzkaar makes the best jazz festival in the Nordic countries, by bringing the world's biggest and the most interesting findings of jazz music to Estonia and fills entire country of Estonia with jazz.

20. April Seto Easter Obinitsa, Värska and other places in Setomaa

In addition to sermons held in the churches of Setomaa, the Easter is also celebrated with an egg-rolling competition. Thereby, visitors can become acquainted with an important tradition of Seto culture. Back in the early days, only men participated in the competition, but now it has become a family event. Starts at egg-rolling hill about at 12:00. We ask visitors to come in small groups and respect the local customs.

23.-29. April Dance Week 2014 Viljandi County

Dance Week celebrates the 29th April - International Dance Day - with workshops, performances and many other interesting takes on dance all through the week in variety of places around Viljandi county and town.

24.-26. April Fair "Maamess 2014" Tartu

Maamess is like a mirror of rural life. 

24.-27. April IX Nordic Student Singers’ Summit Tartu

The program is connected with previous festivals - there is an opening concert, choir concerts, a big gala concert and last but not least - a grandiose gala dinner. We will also have a conductors’ workshop, Festival Clubs, the Estonian Music Corner. This year the Festival is framed with a theme “Me/We” that tries to communicate how identities of nations reflect in each other and how they continuously create new substances.

25.-26. April Estonian folk music arrangements festival "Moisekatsi Elohelü" Põlva County

The festival dresses the Estonian folk music into a modern form through the various musical projects. In the competition contest shall be put to the test the vocal and instrumental capabilities, creative imagination and technical skills of the performers.

28. April - 04. May Tartu Spring Days 2014 Tartu

All of the students and the student minded, it's time to opt out of the routine, because the spring spirit retreat will come again! The Festival Tartu Spring Days will offers you nearly 140 diverse events.

May 2014
01. May 85th Grand Race around Lake Viljandi Viljandi

This event, one of the biggest on the sports calendar in Viljandi County and a symbol of the continuity of sporting life in the region, is popular among runners throughout the country. It offers a stunning course with diverse scenery that makes the fun run even more memorable.

03. May - 02. November It's Flooding! Tartu

The spectacular exhibition called "It's Flooding!", prepared jointly by the Science Centre AHHAA and the Seaplane Harbour, provides a fascinating overview of the largest water catastrophes and physical phenomena associated with them. At the exhibition, we will sink and rescue ships and people. We will also explore the reasons behind the catastrophes and the lessons to be learned from history. Shipping, physics of water and catastrophes - it is flooding in here!

04. May 14th Mulgi Cycling Marathon Viljandi

This marathon, organised by the Viljandi Cycling Club, has years of tradition behind it. It follows a variety of routes in and around Viljandi. The number of participants it attracts is almost always one of the highest in the series.

05.-22. May 21st Seto Lace Days Värska, Põlva County

The Seto Lace Days sound the call to all handicraft enthusiasts! A workshop and exhibition format is used to introduce the best-known lacemaking techniques seen in Seto handicraft and teach how to use them in modern handicraft. Each year, the Lace Days end in judging of competition entries. For visitors, it's a chance to try their hand at Seto crafts, look at masterpieces of Seto handicraft and salient exhibitions. This time the organizer is the Seto Handicraft Council.

06. May St. George’s Day Värska, Põlva County

The most important church holiday in Värska area of the Seto region. The day starts with a service, then graveside communing, and a party with leelo choirs on the swinging ground. We ask visitors to come in small groups and respect the local customs.

07.-10. May Prima Vista Literary Festival Tartu

Prima Vista is an international literature festival taking place annually in Tartu.

08.-10. May Author`s song festival „Mailaul“ Tartu

Tens of singers and songwriters from Estonia gather in Tartu for three days every spring in order to bring the thoughts and feelings turned into music before the audience. „Mailaul“ is a festival for listener who wants to feel together with the performing author.

10. May 4th Roses Day Meremäe, Võru County

Rose Day is for everything related to roses. Exhibitions, workshops, song and dance. Women’s and men’s handicrafts are on display. Roses are on the cake, embroidery and woodwork.

11. May SEB 32nd Tartu Jooksumaraton Otepää and Elva

23 km and 10 km running and Nordic Walking race. The 23 km event starts at Tehvandi Sports Centre in Otepää, while the 10 km event starts in Elva. The finish line is at the Tartu County Sports Centre in Elva. Children's races are also held as part of the event in Tartu, Otepää and Elva.

16.-18. May XXX SELL Games Tartu

International student sport games that take place every year intermittently in the organizing countries: Finland, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania. The Games are organized by the national Student Sport Federations and are open to students from all countries. The oldest and most unique international student sport contest in Northern and Eastern Europe. So called Baltic mini-Universiade!

16.-18. May Festival of Archaic arts RegiÖÖ Tartu

The 13th Regiöö is focused on the folklore of the Baltic Sea and the ancient Nordic peoples.

17. May The Night of the Museum 2014 All over Estonia

To celebrate the European Museum Night, museums stay open nearly until midnight. Admission to museums is free.

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