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September 2016
25.-30. September Researchers' Night Festival 2016 Tartu

Researchers' Night Festival TÖF is a festival with a colourful programme for the whole family that opens the door to the world of science and values knowledge.In 2016, TÖF will already celebrate its 11th birthday. We will investigate the latest topics in various fields of science. Therefore, the newest achievements in research will be discussed, those who are interested will be taken to discover secret laboratories, the elite scientists will introduce their work and it is possible to take part in free workshops, Science Theatre viewings, movie nights and experiments.

October 2016
01. October 5th Tartu City Marathon Tartu


The Tartu City Marathon course, which runs on the streets of the historical university town, is considered as one of the most exciting marathon courses in Estonia. The race is run in the following distances: marathon (42 km), half-marathon (21 km) as well as a 10 km Tartu City Run and Tartu Student Marathon. Nordic walkers are also welcome to take part in the 10 km events. 

07.-09. October International Author's Song Festival "Fall of the Leaf Music" Tartu

International author's song festival is a real treat for the listeners and performers of the author's song genre.The festival holds a solid place among similar festivals of the world. Well-known and talented bards with a long and successful career in the genre, perform at the "Fall of the Leaf Music" ("Lehesaju muusika") festival. Performers from faraway countries and different places of the world come to the festival.

10.-16. October Student festival "Tartu Autumn Days" Tartu

The autumn days that bear the student spirit are an opportunity for the participants and the audience to rest their spirit with the help of an intense entertainment and cultural programme. In Tartu, the positivity that is triggered by joint activities has been valuable mental nourishment for visitors for decades.

11.-15. October Viljandi Guitar Festival Viljandi

 The aim of the Viljandi Guitar Festival is to promote improvisational and stylistic guitar playing. During the festival, people may hear improvisational guitar players who represent different genres and get to know about different improvisational techniques and types of guitar. The event brings together guitarists from Estonia and abroad, thereat developing international cooperation concerning guitar playing. Workshops  for students are also a vital part of the festival. 

13.-16. October 21st International Tartu Early Music Festival "Orient et Occident" Tartu

The festival is focused on oriental culture and its relations with early European, primarily medieval culture. The goal is to create an artistic whole in which the topics are handled in depth from different viewpoints. Typical to this festival is a double concert format, with an ensemble from Europe playing in the first part and an ensemble from Asia playing in the second part and a final joint improvisation of both ensembles

17.-26. October 15th International Modern Music Festival "Afekt" Tartu

The 15th "Afekt" is a continuation of the Estonian Composers' Festival.The name has changed, as the festival has evolved into an international event, and a name focused on Estonia in particular would no longer represent the essence of the festival.The composers of the festival are George Friedrich Haas, a living classic of spectral music from Austria, and Toivo Tulev from Estonia.The central theme is visual music theatre.The main performers are the Klangforum Wien, The Estonian Philharmonic Chamber Choir, The Estonian National Symphony Orchestra, Nicholas Hodges, Simon Steen Andersen, Ensemble Adapter.

28. October Lindora Fair Lindora

Lindora Fair is held every year on 28 October. It unites the people from three south-eastern Estonian municipalities – Vastseliina, Meremäe and Lasva – as well as visitors from all over the country and around the world. Those who are looking to sell something are welcome to sell them at the fair; those looking to buy something are welcome to do so, too – and so is anyone who is simply looking to meet others and have a good chinwag!

November 2016
10.-13. November Tartu jazz and rhythm music festival "IDeeJazz" Tartu

 Tartu jazz and rhythm music festival "IDeeJazz" brings into Tartu the Estonian music that is packed with creative power. Keywords like good sound, improvisation and idea connect the best thoughts of the Estonian jazz elite and the bold projects of the young musicians' generation, filled with positive energy. The festival draws no clear genre borders – providing very diverse music from mainstream and chamber jazz, ethno and world music to groove rhythms and fusion.

11.-27. November Black Nights Film Festival 2016 Tartu

Black Nights Film Festival – PÖFF – one of the biggest and distinctive film festivals in Northern Europe.The festival consists of more than ten different categories, numerous events, and three full scale sub-festivals (Animated Dreams, Just Film and Sleepwalkers). An important part of the festival is its film industry programme, which bring films and filmmakers to Tallinn from more than 70 countries from America to Asia.

December 2016
10. December Street dance festival "Battle of EST" Tartu

"Battle of EST" (BOE) is the oldest street dance competition with the most impressive list of performers in Northern Europe. The main events include breakdance team competitions. One can also witness hip-hop, popping and solo b-boying contests.This year’s 16th international BOE festival is an honest rejection of everything with a fake glitter, turning the dance battle competitors into real artists of life! It is a riot of people dancing themselves breathless, while living and breathing the dance culture.

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