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People say that each Estonian should at least once in a lifetime visit Taevaskoda (Heaven's Hall).  Big and Small Taevaskoda in the primeval valley of Ahja River are unique tourist attractions of Põlva County that attract nature lovers from near and far. The 1100 ha nature reserve has nearly 40 sandstone outcrops on the riverbanks.  In the vicinity of sacred natural sites one can hike, orienteer, ski, cycle, canoe and ride a riverboat. A trip towards Taevaskoda passes through a 150-year primeval forest.  First you reach the Little Taevaskoda, where you can gaze at the Neitsikoobas (Virgin’s Cave) located in the sandstone rock. According to a legend, there lives a beautiful young flaxen-haired woman who is weaving fabric on golden looms. Not far is the Big Taevaskoda  - a beautiful natural echo chamber, which consists of 24 m-high sandstone walls, and of a spacious green lawn stretching down below. The large stone in the river is Salakuulajakivi (Evesdropper’s stone).  On the way back, a narrow path leads over a small sandstone cliff of the Little Taevaskoda, which is known as the shooting place of one of the most successful Estonian movies "The Last Relic".,


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