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River Emajõgi and Barge Yard

In ancient times human settlements emerged right by the side of water bodies. Emergence of Tartu certainly got a strong impetus by River Emajõgi, historically an important trade road - both before and after Tartu entered the Hanseatic League – which flows through the city.  Goods were transported along Emajõgi by historic barges.  In 2004, a group of enthusiasts of construction of barges and riding on them decided to revive the tradition of barge rides on River Emajõgi and to establish on the river bank a Barge Park, which would accommodate:  the Barge Yard, the River Museum and a port of historic vessels.  So, in 2006, the first historic watercraft – Barge Jõmmu – was set afloat. Today, the barge has been provided with mates – Viking boats Emma and Turm.   Visiting the Barge Yard is free; trips take place only on pre-booking.  On the banks of River Emajõgi, it is fun just to enjoy a walk or engage in recreational sport.


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