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The Onion Route

The Onion Route covers the three cultures and two nations coexisting in a friendly atmosphere by Lake Peipus.   Here are intertwined the cultures of the Estonian peasants, the German landlords and the Russian Old Believers, thus forming the unique culture of Peipsiääre. 

The first Old Believers came to Estonia as early as at the end of the 17th century and have until this day maintained their identity and lifestyle.  It is possible to have a closer look at this phenomenon in the museums of local history located in Varnja and Kolkja, and also by walking along the typical linear villages of Peipsiääre, where you can observe the lives of the local onion growers-fishermen with your own eyes.

In addition, Alatskivi Castle – one of the pearls the Baltic German construction, the Livonian Museum, the Nina Village and Kallaste sandstone outcrop, are all well worth a visit.   In the summer of 2010, by Lake Peipus emerged an exciting Roomaa (Reedland) tourist attraction - the first reed island in Europe, where everything necessary for living is made of reed.




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