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The University Campus

Right in the heart of the university town is located the university campus with the main building of the University, several academic buildings, Toome Hill and the Botanical Garden. One of the undisputed pearls of Tartu is the main building of Tartu University – one of the most outstanding examples of classicist architecture in Estonia. Courtesy of the Art Museum of Tartu University, it is possible to visit the assembly hall of the University as well as the authentic punishment cell located in the attic.

Tartu Toome Hill located directly behind the main building of the University has been the focal point of the local settlement for centuries.  Toome Hill was a gift from the Emperor Paul I to Tartu University.  At the beginning of the 19th century, Toome Hill was designed into an English-style park, which quite quickly became a center of the intellectual life of the city.  On Toome Hill there are a lot of sculptures and buildings of architectural value - a former Cathedral (now the University History Museum), the Observatory, the Old Anatomical Theatre, the Supreme Court, Angel’s and Devil's Bridges.  A part of the University and a place worth visiting is the University Botanical Garden, one of the oldest in Europe, which was founded in 1803.  In the Botanical Garden grow approximately 6500 species of plants from all the earth's climatic zones; its palm house is the biggest and the richest in species in the Baltic States.


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