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About seven km from Viljandi is Heimtali Manor complex, the rarity of which is a circular stable- building.  Its rubble stone exterior wall is divided into 16 facets.  The first written records of the circular building date back to the year 1858. The building accommodated a horse stable, a cow barn, a pigsty and the hostler’s room. Today, the stable has been turned into a sports building.  

The cheese dairy of the Manor built in the first half of the 19th century is mistakenly called a distillery. The building resembling the Tower of London is of a particular interest due to its appearance.  On top of the circular corner turrets have been placed chimneys – draft tubes. The rubble stone walls of the building are very decorative. The old village schoolhouse of Heimtali accommodates the Heimtali museum.  In the beautiful rubble stone building dating from the year 1864, visitors have the opportunity to see a perfect collection of samples of ethnic handicrafts, old household items and the classroom furnishings of a hundred years ago. In the children's play room there is waiting a whole herd of piglets, cats and other domestic animals woven into a glove pattern.


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