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Soomaa National Park

Diverse nature, a unique suspension bridge, the dugout boat culture and five seasons have made Soomaa National Park popular for a real nature lover as well as for a simple Sunday hiker.  In the Visitor Center of the National Park it is possible to watch movies and maps and check out other exhibits, including the interactive ones. You will be able to see the water vessel that was formerly widely used in Soomaa – a dugout canoe carved from one tree trunk.  Kuuraniidu trail is a path to a real primeval forest. 

The main attraction of the old drained peat land forest is the big and powerful aspen trees. Every autumn, magic circles of mushrooms add color to the forest. The trail of Lemmjõe Keelemets introduces the old alluvial forest. These forests are long gone from elsewhere in Europe, and they are already rare in Estonia, as well. On Ingatsi hiking trail, a wanderer can climb eight meters up the wooden stairs to the highest brink of a bog in Europe - Kuresoo. Because of the abundance of rivers, Soomaa (Swampland) may also be called Jõemaa (Riverland).


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