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The Town of Viljandi

Over seven hundred years old Viljandi is captivating with its simplicity, silence, beautiful greenery and architectural values. Special charm to the city streets is added by large red concrete strawberries, inviting you to visit the arts center of naivist Paul Kondas from Viljandi.  A beautiful view opens on Lake Viljandi from the ruins of the Order Castle.  To get to the Castle hills from the city, in 1931, a suspension bridge that used to be in Tarvastu was placed from Kaevumäe across the 13 m deep moat.  Today, it has become a symbol of Viljandi.  Viljandi is known as a town of folk art.  Close to the Traditional Music Center, in Viljandi Manor Park, have been erected wooden sculptures on the topic of folk music.  

Viljandi Old Water Tower has also regained a new life – now it serves as a watchtower, and from the top, it opens onto a beautiful view of the entire city. During the tourist season, the Water Tower can be visited every day, but there is also open a permanent exhibition.    One of the oldest preserved stone houses in the town is Viljandi Town Hall. Beside the Town Hall starts the 158-step Trepimägi, which was constructed at the turn of the previous century to improve the communication road between the city and the lake. At Viljandi beach you can swim, rent a boat or a water bike and enjoy the other pleasures of the beach.


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