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The 10 km long primeval valley of Rõuge valley is located on the north-west corner of Haanja Uplands and was already fully formed before the ice age.  In its deepest parts, Rõuge primeval valley is almost 75 m deep.  Ööbikuorg is a short deep gulch debouching into the primeval valley in the southeast part of Rõuge Suurjärv, on the steep slopes of which outcrop the bedrock.  At the time of flowering of bird-cherries, the valley covered mostly in deciduous tree forest is ringing of nightingales’ song - hence the name of the valley Ööbikuorg (Nightingale’s Valley).  Also, you can see hydraulic rams - "perpetuum mobile" pumps that use only water energy and are able to pump water tens of meters high - working here.

On the Energy trail you can see the objects of renewable energy, their natural and technological applications.  The Energy trail starts at the parking lot of Rõuge hillfort, moving to Tindioru farm. From there the road takes you to an artificial lake, on the overflow of which stands a water workshop.  In the summer of 2010, the Monument of the Estonian Mother, a symbol of permanence of the nation, valuing the Estonian woman as a mother and expressing gratitude, arrived in its place in Rõuge.   The statue is nearly 3.6 meters tall and weighs about six tons.


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