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August 2016
01.-06. August PÖFF’s Love Film Festival tARTuFF Tartu

Tartu Love Film Festival tARTuFF, founded in 2006, has offered the audience great emotions, finding oneself, longing and warm recognition. During the six festival days, 12 films, which are directly or indirectly about love, will be screened at Tartu’s Town Hall Square. The films tell incredible tales and take audience to places where they would never end up otherwise. Every film takes on a new adventure, where feelings meet with dreams and wishes. The viewers will keep their fingers crossed for the heroes and hope that fairytales do not only take place on the silver screen. Reality and fiction meet at tARTuFF – these two fairytales join forces here to bring the magic from the screen to the viewers’ hearts and souls. Everyone will have a part of this fairytale at tARTuFF. Everyone can experience the charm of cinema and love, when the end credits roll and the projector goes out.

05.-07. August IRONMAN 70.3 Otepää / IRONKIDS / SmileRun Otepää


The first ever Estonian IRONMAN 70.3 race will be held on the 6th of August 2016. This is the biggest triathlon competition in the Baltics, featuring the leading triathletes from around the world. 

05.-06. August Intsikurmu Music Festival Põlva

Intsikurmu Music Festival attracts people back to the woods in order to find themselves and their predecessors through music. Charged with incredible ancient energy, the festival venue under the tall trees is a beautiful sight for the eyes. A wide-ranging music programme exudes warmth and has a healing effect amidst the hustle and bustle of modern times. The place with long traditions is given a new dimension and life through a forward-looking concept, in which we ourselves and the people around us play a major role. Video installations, international acts and music with meaning is what the festival is all about.

05.-07. August Valga Military History Festival Valga

The Valga Military History Festival has a unique programme: from introducing the authorities, military marches and re-enactments of famous battles to special exhibitions, antiquities fair and a range of concerts. Military history clubs from other countries will also be taking part. There will be something for everyone at the festival. Come with your family and friends!

05.-06. August Tartu Emajõe Festival Tartu
05.-06. August Leigo Lake Music 2016 Leigo
05.-06. August Wind Band Festival “Mürtsub pill” Tartu

 Estonias biggest wind band festival brings joy to the smaller and bigger music lovers. Dance and children’s orchestras, big bands and the festival’s joint orchestra perform in this festival of orchestral music.

06. August Seto Kingdom Day Värska

Seto Kingdom Day is the annual gathering of Seto people. This is the day when they declare their kingdom and elect the replacement of Peko, the Seto King, on earth. The event takes place in the first weekend of August and the site of the kingdom's capital changes every year, because Peko wanted all of his people to be involved in the Kingdom.

10.-14. August III Tõrva Dokfest Tõrva
12.-14. August Kaika Summer University in Võru County Misso

 Kaika Summer University is the annual summer gathering of Võru inhabitants and their friends from all over the world. It is organized by Võru Institute and Võro Selts VKKF.  The Summer University that takes place in a different place each summer is named after Kaika village – the venue of the first gathering in 1989. The Summer University discusses the Võro cause; we'll go on hikes and tours; a play in Võro language and folk songs are going to be performed – in one word, it's going to be a great time amidst our people.

12.-14. August Power Camp 2016 Otepää

American cars meeting will take place Annimatsi camping ground in Otepää during Aug 12-15, 2016. 

13.-14. August Pop-up Café Day in Setomaa Värska

On Saturday, 13 August, we invite visitors to farmyards to taste local dishes from locally sourced ingredients.  Traditional Seto foods like sõir cheese, suulliim cold soup and tatipiirak mushroom pies will all be served. These and other interesting local dishes will be available at Setomaa family cafés all day. On Sunday, 14 August, some cafés host a peräpütüpäiv, or serve leftovers. Some cafés organize workshops.

13.-14. August Tartu Food Festival Tartu

Tartu Food Festival, a great celebration of Estonian food, takes place on August 13–14, in the centre of Tartu.A wide variety of Estonian food and fresh produce will be presented and made available for purchase. The cafes and restaurants in Tartu will be offering attractive snacks and dishes made up of local produce. There will be a family-friendly entertainment programme in addition to the enjoyable food.

13. August Tõrva Loits Tõrva

 The traditions of arranging great music events in the summertown of Tõrva go back to 1988 when on the town square the concert version of Gershwin’s Borgy and Bess was performed, conducted by Eri Klas and seen by more than six thousand spectators. At that time it was planned to continue with similar conecerts annually but the economic recession in Estonia in the nineties caused a pause. The new beginning for annual summer concerts was made in 2008. This was the first concert performance with the titleTõrva Loits with a plan to improve the image of Tõrva and bring Estonian culture to the locality. Today Tõrva Loits is one of the biggest and most spectacular summer events in Estonia.

13. August Lake Lasva Fire Music Lasva lake

Lake Lasva is adorned with candles in the third week of August.Folk musicians perform on its shores, while other groups and singers take to the lake's floating stage. The event ends with fireworks over the lake.

17.-20. August Urban Festival "Uit" Tartu

"Uit" is a place that is everywhere and nowhere at the same time. However, "Uit" visits Tartu in the form of a city festival from 17 to 20 August.The festival excitedly grabs the hands of visitors and playfully runs to discover the Tartu where no one usually happens to go in their everyday life. "Uit" is an international festival with shows, installations, tours and concerts studying the urban space of Tartu, making us notice both new and old, common and extraordinary places and the way the city breathes and hums with life.

19.-21. August Võru Town Days Võru

Võru celebrates its anniversary in the third week of August, as it was 21 August 1784 when the governor general issued his decree, declaring that Võru Manor was going to be the site of the new town and it would be called Võru. The town celebrates its anniversary with a lot of music and art.

20. August 17th Otepää Cycling Marathon Otepää
20. August Gran Fondo Estonia


The Hawaii Express Gran Fondo Estonia is a new and unique cycling event. For it is a race, that is actually not a race! The participants wear identical outfits and ride in unison from Tallinn to Tartu. The distance is 230 km and the maximum number of participants allowed is 500. 

20. August Garlic Festival 2016 Ülenurme

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