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South-Estonian nature is wonderfully diverse, offering exciting opportunities for even the most demanding nature lover.  Rolling hills, lakes, rivers with flood water, bogs and swamps, wild forests, animals and birds - all this is South-Estonia. 


Southern Estonia has more than 125 hiking, nature and health trails. The largest number of hiking trails is in Põlva and Tartu counties.  Also, there are more than 40 conservation units as well as many places of natural beauty and lots of natural attractions in South Estonia.  It is also an ideal place for water trips (by canoe, raft, boat, kayak, trawler ship, and barge). 


Attractive areas for nature tourism are Soomaa, the surroundings of Lake Võrtsjärve, Alam-Pedja, Endla bog, Vooremaa, the area around Tartu (Ilmatsalu, Aardla, Ropka, Ihaste), Elva-Vitipalu, the surroundings of Lake Peipus, Otepää, Karula, Taevaskoja-Kiidjärve, Võhandu Haanja and Piusa. 

South Estonia offers you pleasant opportunities: 

  • to have a spiritual experience with nature,
  • for walking in natural surroundings to enjoy the nature,
  • for carrying out bird or nature observation and observation of plants (at night, during the daytime, with or without a guide, in blinds, etc.),
  • for special trips into naturally beautiful or geologically unique places,
  • for landscape, historical and cultural walks, during which the observations are being interpreted,
  • nature photography,
  • outdoor learning.

The South-Estonian nature is already waiting for you! 


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