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June–September 2012

Introducing ... Tartu and Southern Estonia

Tartu – an old Hanseatic town, a university town and a town of science – is the gateway to Southern Estonia. With thousands of years of history and cultural heritage, Tartu has plenty to offer its visitors interested both in history as well as culture, with more than 20 museums and 4000 events being held here annually. Families with children will have a great time at the AHHAA science centre – the biggest of its kind in the Baltic States – which has attractions for young and old alike. Those with an interest in handicraft will be enchanted by the city’s many workshops, studios and fairs.

As a region, Southern Estonia – comprising Tartu, Põlva, Jõgeva, Valga, Võru and Viljandi Counties – boasts around 125 hiking, nature and health trails, more than 40 conservation areas and breath-taking summer landscapes. An active holidaymaker will be welcomed by numerous sporting events. In summer the visitors can also enjoy canoeing, adventure trails, riding, fishing as well as kilometres of boardwalks in bogs and woods and primal silence.

The heritage of the region is equally rich: there are more than 140 sites of historical and cultural interest in the area, countless cultural events, fairs, open air events, concerts and festivals, including many related to folklore. The region is also enriched by its population diversity – it is home to the Mulgi people, the Setos (whose language and unique leelo singing style form part of the UNESCO World Heritage list) and the Old Believers of Lake Peipus, famed for their customs and traditions. In the field of spa tourism we can take pride in small, but unique spas and health centres, medical spas, sauna culture, locally grown organic food and simply the peace and quiet and privacy it offers.

Since the territory of Southern Estonia is relatively small, even a trip only a couple of days long can be filled with an incredible amount of unique experiences, diverse sights and cultural and nature-related experiences full of contrasts, also varied activities for those with an active nature.

We look forward to seeing you in Tartu and Southern Estonia!

Welcome to the world of wide horizons!

Throughout its history Tartu has been a town of intellect, wisdom and science! This has been the place where new ideas have met and diverted, this has been the beginning of many innovative ventures and this has been the venue for many unique and epoch-making events. Hundreds of Tartu’s renowned scientists, entrepreneurs and internationally known citizens have introduced Tartu to the world and have brought the world closer to Tartu. However, mental closeness requires the removal or reduction of physical boundaries that, in turn, helps to save a lot of time that could be used for meeting eye-to-eye and establishing personal contacts. The existence of an airport in Tartu and the operation of flights makes travelling easier both for our citizens as well as the guests of our town.

Everyone who has ever studied abroad now has a chance to visit friends over the weekend quickly and comfortably. Friends living abroad, on the other hand, can visit the Estonians’ homeland and the hometown of our citizens. It now only takes our entrepreneurs a few days to win the trust of their potential business partners and prove that they can be taken seriously – until now this had required months and months of e-mail correspondence. Due to frequent flight connections foreign partners can visit their associates and get to know the culture here – this helps them to understand their shared ideas better and get a feel of the local aura and spirit.

Thanks to the airways Tartu, as well as the whole of Southern Estonia, has been given an extra gear for its rhythm and pace. Time is of value to all of us and the use of the airways clearly helps to save time – it saves us time in experiencing the world and the South of Estonia from above!

Urmas Kruuse
Mayor of Tartu

Calendar of events

18th Võru Folk Festival Town Filled with Dance and Song!
Võru County 12 to 15 July
Tartu Hanseatic Days
Tartu 20 to 22 July
Rally Estonia 2012
July www.rallyestonia.com
Viljandi Folk Music Festival
Viljandi 26 to 29 July
Leigo Lake Music Festival
Leigo 3 to 4 august
Tartu 6 to 12 August
15th Paunvere Grand Exhibition and Fair
Jõgeva County 22 September

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  New products and services

13.7 billion years in the Ice Age Centre

This summer a unique and original tourist attraction – an Ice Age Centre – will be opened in Tartu County. The new Ice Age Centre is a nature and visiting centre that combines popular and scientific approach to ice age with entertainment. The centre will provide hands-on experience with the nature, history and traditions of Vooremaa.
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Children - Come Running to Vudila!

All children and those who still feel connected to their inner child are welcomed to the whole family play land called Vudila. The family play centre located on a 7-hectare plot 27 kilometres from Tartu is a wonderful place for spending one’s free time – both for the younger and older members of the family.
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A wonderful eco-holiday in the Energy Farm in Viljandi County

In Vihi village in Viljandi County there is a farm that never lacks energy. It is the Energy Farm that has grown herbs for the Estonian market for years now and has now started to offer accommodation and eco-spa services.
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  Vastseliina Visitor’s
Centre in Võru County
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The most modern sleep clinic in the Nordic States was opened in Kubija in Võru County
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Tartu Toy Museum
now has complex tickets
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The Summer Yard at the St. Anthony’s Guild is now open!
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Regular boat trips
to Piirissaare
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A hip new meat restaurant – Meat Market –
was opened in Tartu
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A brand new Hobbola Holiday House welcomes guests in Põlva County
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Holiday in the town of Tartu  

A summer outing to Tartu

Summer is a wonderful time to journey around Estonia with the family. Among other things one should definitely visit the city of good thoughts – Tartu – and its AHHAA centre and bask in the sunshine in the open-air cafés in its Town Hall Square. If you want to stay overnight, you have the very comfortable hotels Pallas and London right there in the centre of town.
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  Family package
to AHHAA and Aura
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Soiree with Parrot –
a package offered by the Art Museum of the University of Tartu
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  Come and discover
it for yourself!
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Men’s package
Health to Men
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  A holiday in the South of Estonia

Playing and relaxing in Cantervilla

In June 2012 we will open a play land for the whole family in Cantervilla in Pikajärve Manor Complex that offers excitement both for children as well as adults. You will find educational activities as well as excitement and extremity there. In the playground you can drive a car in the car house, race on a go-kart track, jump on a trampoline, slide down with a water tube, touch the clouds in the climbing tower and find many more new surprising attractions. The package includes accommodation in the family room at Cantervilla Castle, breakfast at buffet table and a day-ticket to the play land. The package is for 2 adults and 2 children, additional fee has to be paid for each extra child.
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Estonian handicrafts delivered to your
home from the internet!

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Luxurious golf package for two
in Otepää
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  A dream come true
for a water sports fan
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Speedboat ride on Lake Võrtsjärv
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From glass gallery to a stage-coach ride –
the two of us!
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Health from pure nature! Read more
Come and feel the history! Read more
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A two-day romantic discovery trip to beautiful Southern Estonia! Read more
The secret land of Taevaskoja and the Estonian Road Museum – the best family holiday ever! Read more


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