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Winter 2014-2015

Tartu - Unique and charming in all seasons

There are not so many places in the world, which have such clearly separated seasons and diversity as Estonia. The eventful Tartu in the warm summer months with its street cafes, festivals and concerts rotates with a colorful autumn with whispering leaves rustled in the streets by the many young people bustling between lecture halls, organizing student events and enlivening up the city with openness and great cheer. 

The slopes of Toomemägi, the ruins of the Tartu Cathedral, the promenade on the side of River Emajõgi and the old town with the main building of University of Tartu and Town Hall Square create a charming journey worthy of a walk for the residents of the city and visitors of all ages. Summer outdoor events are held in unique venues of Tartu and Estonia's oldest professional theater Vanemuine opens a new season, playing both the classics of the world, as well as of Estonian originals. The same has been done throughout South Estonia: the Viljandi Guitar Festival, the folk ambiance concerts and performances of the Estonian Traditional Music Center are just a few examples of ongoing events in the autumn and winter period. 

The autumn is replaced by a merry and bright winter season featuring fluffy snow. Crunchy snowy walks are warmed by brief stops in cozy cafes, and the town is bright with decorations in the pre-Christmas period. In the Christmas month, Tartu becomes once again a beautiful sparkling lit Christmas town with many bustling activities.  The highlight of the Christmas season is the glamorous New Year’s party, where at the Vanemuise ball one can be a part of the best musical and classical performances of all kinds of genres. 

By participating in the marathon in Tartu, thousands of skiers all over the world find a real challenge in the snow. Those who love competitive sports, in turn, might come to Otepää to watch the European Championships in Biathlon and the Cross Country World Cup. 

Then, the winter will give over the reins to spring, when in brightly glimmering Tartu begin to take place activities of a completely different nature. Tartu is a city that is never the same and is seasoned just right!

  Kajar Lember
Deputy Mayor of Tartu

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Winter 2014-2015

Black Nights Film Festival PÖFF
14.11.-30.11. Tartu

Home Craft Fair
12.- 13.12. Viljandi

Opening events of the winter capital Otepää
22.12. Otepää

Tartu II Winter Music Festival
02.-10.01. Tartu

Kalafest 2015

13.02.- 14.02. Viljandi

Winter Dance Festival
of Tartu County
06.-08.03. Tartu

X Võhandu Maraton

18.04. Võru, Võru County

Estonian Air Show 2015

23.-26.05. Lange Village,
Tartu County

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  News, new products and services:


VIA HANSEATICA – What is it?

It means history, knowledge, culture, good food, atmosphere, friendly people, valuable experience and many other things that make your trip special and unforgettable.

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Find your way with your mobile phone in Tartu
and Southern Estonia

MOBO or mobile phone orientation makes it possible to pass permanent orienteering trails in a contemporary way, replacing the traditional tools with new, modern (Smart) devices. Three-in-one mobile phones will replace the map, a compass and the identification system.

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43rd Tartu Marathon

One of the most famous winter events in Tartu is definitely the Tartu ski marathon. This year, February 15, 2015 is already the 43rd Tartu Marathon.

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Holiday in Tartu and Southern Estonia  


Cultural holiday

South Estonia is famous for its rich cultural heritage and hundreds of years of old traditions. Local history and culture are introduced by more than 140 historical and cultural objects.

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Family vacation

For those travelling with children, South Estonia is calm and safe place that offers a variety of activities and games for the little ones. There are numerous cute museums and cafes, playrooms and playgrounds; you can try your hand in a number of workshops and have a good time in nature in numerous hiking trails.

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Active holiday in the nature

Spend time actively in the stunning nature of South Estonia, relax, have an adventure or enjoy moving in the wild  hiking, skiing or sleighing.

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Wellness holiday

South Estonia offers many opportunities for wellness holidays through active entertainment, proximity to nature, recreation and healthy food. In South Estonia one can find unique, cozy little spas and health centers with high-quality service.

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